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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the most abandoned place in Maine?

Swan Island, previously known as Perkins, is located in the Kennebec River. It's absolutely beautiful, and also home to one of the most abandoned places in Maine. There are two ways to access the island, which means you can head on over by way of a ferry or, as seen here, by kayak or canoe.

What is the law on abandoned property in Maine?

What is Maine’s abandoned property law? If the property is worth more than $50, people who discover the property need to give the owners a message saying that their property is about to be turned over to the state. Properties that are left abandoned without any maintenance are given a window of time to claim their property.

Why are there so many ghost towns in Maine?

The presence of ghost towns in Maine owe to this north-easternmost state being home to some of the earliest US settlements. Each region has its fair share of ghost towns – relics of both gradual changes over the course of history and sudden, dramatic events – and Maine is no exception.

How many houses are there on the Ghost Island in Maine?

The more official story says that the state of Maine began acquiring bits of the land over time. The ghost island still has five standing homes, with each of them dating back to the 1700s. How's that for a ghost town in Maine?

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