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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Simone de Beauvoir?

Simone de Beauvoir, now in her early sixties, is a distinguished author and philosopher characterised by her calm, lucid way of approaching all kinds of difficult questions. It has been clear to her for some time that she is getting older, and will soon, perhaps even now, be at an age when she's generally called "old". We

What is Simone de Beauvoir’s purpose in the coming of age?

In The Coming of Age, Simone de Beauvoir seeks greater understanding of our perception of elders.

Does Beauvoir's the Second Sex have a negative portrayal of aging?

And while it is true that Beauvoir never discusses The Second Sex in The sexism, nor the myths of “woman” and “old age” (see Weiss) been taken u p by others. has been bypassed even by her followers because of its negative portrayal of old age. One “unrelievedly pessimistic view of aging” (Woodward 32). Beauvoir, wri ting the book at sixty -

Is Beauvoir's the being in the world a depressing read?

Indeed, there is a wealth of historical fact on attitudes to and treatment of the aged in a range of cultures. Overall it makes for a depressing read, even more so when de Beauvoir moves on to The Being in the World and examines the neglect of the aged in current (late 1960s) society.

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