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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pressured speech mean?

Pressured speech means talking so rapidly and nonstop that nobody can interrupt you. If it occurs in the context of other symptoms of mania or hypomania (ie, not sleeping, fast thoughts, euphoria, increased activity) then it could be part of the constellation of symptoms that make up mania or hypomania.

What does pressure of speech mean?

Pressure of speech is a tendency to speak rapidly and frenziedly, as if motivated by an urgency not apparent to the listener.

What part of speech is stressed?

The part of the speech where it is most expressive is often stressed in iambic pentameter. The lines that make use of this format contain rhythm and are cleverly written to convey a feeling or a description.

What is pressured speech in bipolar disorder?

Pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar disorder that occurs during a period of mania. Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating episodes of mania and depression. Pressured speech occurs during manic episodes. Pressured speech has no significant complications by itself.

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