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Frequently Asked Questions

What can orbital shift do for You?

With our new mobile apps, employees can submit time off and cover requests, see who they’re working with and view upcoming shift information. Learn more about why Orbital Shift is the best employee time clock and scheduling software on the market. No card required.

What is orbital shift punch clock station?

The Orbital Shift Punch Clock Station is an easy time clock app that helps improve labor productivity and ensures accurate employee time tracking for businesses of any size. The Punch Clock app allows employees to clock in and out of their shifts, take breaks and switch positions - all from easy-to-use, dedicated time clock kiosks.

How do I download orbital shift on a Mac?

Orbital Shift on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. The employee scheduling and time clock app puts your schedule right in the palm of your hand. No more lost sticky notes or missed shifts - no more excuses.

What is ororbital shift?

Orbital Shift is an online staff engagement and management platform that revolutionizes the way businesses of any size manage their workforce. We combine the powers of shift scheduling, employee communication and a web/mobile time clock to help employers save 10% or more on direct labor cost.

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