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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oscar Insurance a good company for health insurance?

Overall, the company is a good choice if it is available in your area and you want personalized healthcare coverage. Oscar Insurance offers individual and business health insurance plans through its website and on state marketplaces.

Does Oscar offer dental or vision coverage?

Oscar does not offer dental or vision coverage. Oscar Health Insurance was created to give customers a new, simple way to get health insurance and affordable care. Its plans include perks for things like reaching a fitness goal.

Does Oscar Health have a PPO Plan in California?

Health net also has a PPO in select areas but it's a narrow network plan. Shield is the better comp for Oscar health's EPO in terms of rates. One note...Oscar has this cool steps tracker where you can earn up to $240/year in rewards for meeting steps goals. Pretty cool! Let's look at Oscar's plans in Covered Ca.

What happened to Oscar Health in 2018?

2018 was a a breakout year for Oscar health. With Anthem's EPO leaving their core area, that left Oscar and Blue Shield. Pricing will be in Oscar's corner especially with some of the rate decreases (that's not a typo). There is a real focus at Oscar to re-invent health insurance so you have more tools at your disposal.

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