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Frequently Asked Questions

Is being scared good for Your Heart?

Yes, you really could be scared to death. “But either way, there are deleterious effects on the heart and other organs in a person with constant fear.” While working your heart muscle can be good for your health, constant exposure to fear does not have the same beneficial effects as a jog in the park.

What are some synonyms for the word scared?

Synonyms of scared. affrighted, afraid, aghast, alarmed, fearful, frightened, horrified, horror-struck, hysterical (also hysteric), scary, shocked, spooked, terrified, terrorized.

Can the word scared be an adjective?

Scare means to frighten. An example of scare used as an adjective is the phrase "scare walk" which means a walk with ghosts, witches and other haunted beings. The definition of a scare is something frightening or a sudden panic of fear.

What is another word for "scared to death"?

Synonyms for scared to death include scared, frightened, panicked, terrified, petrified, startled, alarmed, shocked, horrified and intimidated. Find more similar ...

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