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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fairy statues and sculptures?

Fairy statues and sculptures bring vivid color, exceptional charm, and elegant details to gardens and homes everywhere. Adorable houses, churches, and bridges combine to create entire worlds for these fantastic creatures. Statues enhance a variety of outdoor spaces, from patios to pools to gardens.

Where can I place a Fairy statue in my garden?

This statue can sprinkle a magical charm in your garden with its unique design. It features a design of a thought-struck fairy with butterfly wings and a crystal in her hand. It can be placed near the lawn, fountain, or pond area. This statue is built to last long.

What does this garden statue look like?

This garden statue features a crawling fairy that has a body cast with a creamy white finish and dark multi-tone... . It features a leaf-shaped door, a vine-draped arch, and a fairy.

What is the best Toscano Fairy statue?

Dipping her toes into your pond, pool or leafy flowerbed, Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue is a beautifully detailed design Toscano exclusive. Another quality Toscano garden fairy statue. She is a wonderful addition to my garden. Love her!. Keri. Pewaukee, WI. 2020-02-23 14:18:27

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