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Frequently Asked Questions

What is overseas adventure travel?

Overseas Adventure Travel. Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) is a branded operation of Grand Circle Travel, offering group adventure travel to locations foreign to the United States of America. Compared to GCT trips, OAT offers slightly smaller groups and a higher level of physical activity, but within the capability of a healthy, fit,...

Who is OTA travel?

Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) is part of the family of travel companies owned by Boston -based Grand Circle Corporation, offering group Adventure travel to Africa, the Arctic Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

What is oat travel?

Overseas Adventure Travel. Acquired in 1993 by Alan and Harriet Lewis, who also own Grand Circle Cruise Line and Grand Circle Travel, OAT has been recognized for leadership in tourism and in philanthropy. In 2016, OAT added several new adventures included destinations to Asia, South America, and the South Pacific, as well as a second Cuba program.

What is the age limit for overseas adventure travel?

Group size and age minimums. Overseas Adventure Travel trips are characterized by their small group sizes. Each trip is limited to 10-16 travelers for land adventures and 16-25 for small ship cruises. While OAT caters specifically to Americans aged 50 or older, the minimum age requirement is 13 years old.

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