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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you become an overseas civilian contractor?

The qualifications to become a civilian contractor depend largely on the industry in which you work and your specific job. However, generally, the qualifications and requirements are similar to those you need to have to perform the same work domestically. If you teach English abroad, for example, you should have a bachelor's degree.

What is a hiring contractor?

Hiring a Contractor. The contractor is responsible for managing all aspects of the job including purchasing the materials and hiring the sub-contractors (subs). Typically, you sign a contract with the contractor and make payments only to him. The contractor is then responsible for paying the subs and suppliers.

What is a civilian contractor?

Civilian contractors are the brave people who find themselves working an ordinary jobs overseas and sometimes in war zones. You may wonder why people find jobs as civilian contractors. ... Civilian contractors work for private military companies, government, international, and civil organizations.

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