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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Hooks does owner American corporation make?

Owner American Corporation's high quality, high performance fish hooks are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. Owner's revolutionary, patented triple-edge CUTTING POINT™ hook design is ...

What are owner cuts hooks?

Owner CUTTING POINT® hooks are the only hooks on the market that are truly designed to penetrate.

Why use owner hooks?

"Owner not only has the sharpest hooks available but they also have the strongest tensile material which is equally valuable in securing good hook penetration." Taught herself how to guide and catch different species. "I use owner hooks because they are a high quality reliable hook for all species."

Does owner hooks build the best tackle?

Fish with Owner. They Do. "As a professional I look to have the best in everything I need, one of the most essential tackle needed is "the hook", and Owner Hooks builds the best, the sharpest & the strongest. I am grateful to be part of the team!"

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