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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pace stand for?

PACE stands for “ Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly.” PACE is a comprehensive, coordinated health care program sponsored by Medicare, Medicaid and private funds, which provides medically necessary care and services. How do you qualify for the PACE program?

How to enroll in pace?

InnovAge PACE has an expert team of enrollment and Medicaid specialists to help. Intake and Eligibility Once we confirm you meet the basic requirements to join PACE (55 or older and live in one of our service areas ), we will ... Assessment and Application If it looks like you qualify for the program, our senior care experts will help gather your medical records from your current care provider. ... Enrollment

How much does pace pay?

PACE: The PACE Program will pay the Part D premiums for PACE cardholders enrolled in one of the plans that has a premium assistance agreement. The premium assistance plans can be found on the PACE/PACENET website. For 2019, PACE will pay up to the regional benchmark, which is $37.03. If you enroll in a plan

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