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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pack?

Definition of pack. (Entry 1 of 4) 1a : a bundle arranged for convenience in carrying especially on the back. b : a group or pile of related objects. c(1) : a number of individual components packaged as a unit a pack of gum. (2) : container. (3) : a compact unitized assembly to perform a specific function.

What is a pack pack pack a mul pack pack?

noun a group of things wrapped or tied together for easy handling or carrying; a bundle, especially one to be carried on the back of an animal or a person: a mule pack; a hiker's pack. to choose, collect, arrange, or manipulate (cards, persons, facts, etc.) so as to serve one's own purposes: to pack the deck; to pack a jury. Scot.

What is the difference between a pack and a treaty?

pack. small package of similar items: a pack of tissues; bundle; a group of people, animals, or things: pack of wolves. Not to be confused with: pact – formal agreement; treaty: a pact with Germany. Abused, Confused, & Misused Words by Mary Embree Copyright © 2007, 2013 by Mary Embree.

What is a pack of cigarettes?

a small paper or cardboard container in which a number of small objects are sold : a pack of cigarettes / gum. Compare. packet. package. More examples. a pack of writing paper. two packs of cookies. We polished off three six-packs watching the game.

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