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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes pain after lung surgery?

Neuropathic Pain After Lung Surgery. Pain and loss of function are intimately associated with the reaction of the nervous system to neural damage. A lesion to the somatosensory nervous system caused by mechanical trauma, metabolic disease, neurotoxic chemicals, infection or tumor invasion may give rise to neuropathic pain.

What is the recovery time for lung cancer surgery?

Recovering from lung cancer surgery typically takes weeks to months. If the surgery is done through a thoracotomy (a long incision in the chest), the surgeon must spread ribs to get to the lung, so the area near the incision will hurt for some time after surgery. Your activity might be limited for at least a month or two.

Why do my lungs hurt after surgery?

If you don’t get the little air sacs (alveoli) filled with air you may have complications like pneumonia. Another common complication that occurs after a surgery is atelectasis which is characterized by collapsed lungs. Some studies also suggest that atelectasis causes fever.

Is chest pain normal after lung surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you had, chest pain may be a normal part of the healing process, especially if your incision was in the chest area. Chest pain can also be a result of heartburn, anxiety or lung disease.

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