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Frequently Asked Questions

What is panzootic disease?

Medical definition of panzootic: a disease affecting animals of many species especially over a wide area.

What does enzootic mean in English?

/ ˌen.zəʊˈɒt.ɪk / us / ˌen.zoʊˈɑː.t̬ɪk / (of a disease) often affecting animals in a particular place: There's reason to believe the virus may now be enzootic, which means it has established itself in the animal population. The principal respiratory disease of pigs in Britain was enzootic pneumonia.

Is pmv-1 a panzootic disease?

Identify the following case studies as endemic, enzootic, sporadic, epidemic, epizootic, pandemic, or panzootic. The first isolation of PMV-1 virus responsible for the current panzootic in pigeons. Racing and show pigeons have also been infected with NDV and in the late 1970s a panzootic originating from the Middle East occurred in these birds.

What is the meaning of Panzer?

1. (Military) (modifier) of, relating to, or characteristic of the fast mechanized armoured units employed by the German army in World War II: a panzer attack. 2. (Military) a vehicle belonging to a panzer unit, esp a tank

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