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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for paper bags?

This funny paper bag design has a small girl on it while supporting children with autism. Such a smart execution. Good to see some awareness going to shed some light on a disorder that has been grossly ignored. Shumensko Beer got this creative and innovative idea. A carte of beer on the bag. This works really well.

What is a paper bag?

Paper bag is a cheap and effective way to market your business. Now you can design your beautiful paper bag with printing your logo.

How do you personalize a wedding welcome bag?

If you're designing wedding welcome bags, consider a classic gold foil stamp or choose a shiny foil accent color from your wedding palette. Browse our designer created wedding bag styles and personalize your party favor bag by adding your new last name, monogram, wedding date and even the city in which your wedding is located.

What kind of gift bags do you offer for parties?

These paper gift bags are one of our larger bag options, making them perfect for larger party favors, birthday gifts and even wedding welcome bags. From kraft gift bags to tiffany blue gift bags, you can select your custom party favor bag color to coordinate with your party or wedding theme.

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