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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any parts available for a 280ZX?

We have an excellent selection of 280ZX custom parts, like body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, and rims, to name a few. We also carry the factory-grade replacement 280ZX parts too, including 280ZX engine parts, 280ZX body parts, and other 280ZX auto parts.

Is Nissan 280ZX a good car?

As a Grand tourer, 3-door fastback that is also capable of racing, Nissan 280ZX is really popular among youngsters. However, if you want to keep Nissan 280ZX at the prime condition all the time, you need to know how to diagnose and solve common problems on it in time: First, transmission failure.

What should I do if the Nissan 280ZX check engine light is illuminated?

What's more, the engine performance got reduced as poor fuel economy and loss of power while acceleration. If Check Engine Light in your Nissan 280ZX is illuminated, you are advised to check the 280ZX fuel tank, fuel pressure regulator, oil filter and fuel pump thoroughly.

What is the largest private collection of Datsun & Nissan car parts?

Now in it’s 33rd year of existence, my collection of used & NOS early Datsun & Nissan car parts is probably the largest private collection in the world.

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