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Frequently Asked Questions

What are McCartney's best songs with wings?

Here are ten of his best with Wings. 10. Hi Hi HI (1972) An out and out rocker in the I’m Down / Long Tall Sally mode, Hi Hi Hi provided McCartney and Wings with some much need credibility.

When did McCartney and wings release 'with a little luck'?

"With a Little Luck," was released after "Mull of Kintyre" and would become a number one hit for McCartney and Wings during the spring of 1978. By the time the song was being recorded, Wings had become a trio again, just as it had been when the album Band on the Run was being developed.

Why did Paul McCartney write a duet with Stevie Wonder?

In other words, it was the keys on the piano and the idea of using them to inspire racial harmony which served as the inspirational force for him writing this song and spurred his desire from the beginning to record it with a Black artist. Enter Stevie Wonder, who lent his vocals as a duet with McCartney.

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