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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my bill using a debit card?

Pay a bill with a debit card Here's how to pay a bill with a debit card: Select + New. Under Vendorsselect Pay Bills. In Payment account, select the bank account associated to your debit card. Enter the Payment date. Uncheck Print Later. In the Starting check no. field, enter "Debit" to show it was a debit card purchase.

Can credit card bill be paid by Cash?

To make a payment in cash, customers can go into a Western Union office and present the bill to be paid, or find their credit card issuer using the company's payee locator. If the service is being used for the first time, an account can be opened with a list of the customer's usual payees including credit card issuers.

Can I pay my credit card bill at the bank?

Yes why not. Anyone can pay anyone’s credit card bill as long as they know the account no. associated with that credit card. All credit cards are assigned an account number and when you have to pay your credit card bills, you simply make a deposit into that bank account like depositing money into any other bank account.

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