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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Einstein wrong about quantum entanglement?

Albert Einstein was proven wrong by a research conducted by the Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona. The research contradicted his ideas regarding "spooky action at a distance" also known as quantum entanglement, which is the cornerstone of quantum mechanics -- or the physics of subatomic particles.

How did Einstein come up with the quantum theory?

In 1905, Albert Einstein propounded the photoelectric effect, one of the earliest applications of quantum theory, wherein he stated that light is made up of discrete quanta and not continuous waves. He further said that the energy in each of these quantum is proportional to the frequency of radiation.

What is Einsteins quantum theory?

Einstein’s quantum theory of light highlighted that light is a composition of small packets of energy which are called photons and have wave-like properties. In this theory, Albert Einstein also explained the process of emission of electrons from metals which are struck by lightning.

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