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Frequently Asked Questions

How to monitor CPU and GPU temp while gaming?

depending on your system, there are a lot of ways you can monitor it, for an example, if you have a MSI gpu you can download MSI afterburner, now for other companies and GPUs you can get other monitoring software usually from the GPU manufactures site (again, depending on the hardware) that can tell you the temperature of you device (I am pretty sure for modern GPUs there are other 3rd party software you can get), or if you are playing in a window not full screen you can download software ...

What temp is too high for GPU?

Many gamers and video editors have been wondering what the GPU temperature is too high. The answer to that question is that anything over 82 degrees Celsius is too hot for a graphics card. While many computers can handle higher temperatures, it does not mean that you should leave it to chance. Is 50 a good GPU temp?

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