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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are PCR tests?

A PCR test (viral load test) are neither approved or recommended for routine HIV testing by people who just want to test more quickly than the four weeks recommended with an antigen/antibody test. They are less accurate (actual infections can easily be missed), more expensive and require more complicated laboratory technology.

How much is a PCR test?

PCR and RT-PCR tests are $15 and nested PCR tests are $25. Cost is doubled for cases originating out of state. For whole carcasses submitted for necropsy, the cost of each PCR test is added to the usual accession and necropsy fee.

What does positive PCR test mean?

Negative PCR mean no virus, you do not have hepc. It takes between 2-3 weeks after exposure for detection with a RNA PCR. So if your PCR was done several weeks after exposure and you tested negative there is no chance you will be positive in 6 months unless you are exposed again.

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