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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a pints and pedals bike tour?

Crawl one, or crawl them ALL! When booking a tour with Pints and Pedals, you can choose to book seats on the bike (generally for smaller groups 2 – 6 people to pair up with others) or choose to rent the entire bike out (generally for larger groups 8-30 people). Reservations must be made in advance to reserve your time.

What is a pedals pedal tour?

Pints and Pedals pedal tours are a great way to bring friends, family, and even coworkers together! Have the ultimate private ride around downtown Chattanooga in a unique and fun way with up to 30 of your friends. Each tour consists of a two hour guided tour with two or three stops at local bars.

Can you bring alcohol on pints and pedals?

Guests can bring alcohol on the bike just no glass! Special Pints and Pedals tour only drink discounts are available at many bars on the routes and our sober driver will make sure you get back safe and sound. What’s the most fun part about Pints and Pedals you asked, the MUSIC!

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