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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pennypack Nursing & Rehabilitation Center?

Pennypack Nursing & Rehabilitation Center would like to recognize the kindness and generosity of the following individuals and local businesses for their donations during this pandemic. They have shown support for our heroic employees who risk their lives each day to provide exemplary care to our residents.

What happened to the Duck at Pennypack Park?

The Pennypack Environmental Center said the park’s Mandarin duck has died. The center made the announcement on its Facebook page. The center did not mention the cause of death but asked people to respect the park’s wildlife when they visit.

What makes Pennypack a small wonder?

Pennypack is a small, intimate center with many long-term employees. A unique mix of a mature center with modern clinical capabilities make Pennypack a “small wonder.” Pennypack has often been referred to as a small place where big things happen.

What is Pennypack Park Music Festival?

Pennypack Park Music Festival is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization. These concerts would not exist without your support through weekly donations, as well as our amazing sponsors who believe in what we do for our community. We Thank You All for your support! Gallagher Bros Windows & Door. Phila. PA. 19136 Postponed due to weather.

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