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Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles of trails does the Pennypack preserve have?

Welcome to Trail Map the Pennypack Preserve. We have over 800 acres and 11 miles of trails. Trails open from dawn to dusk. YOU MAY: • Walk, hike and jog on trails • Walk pets on leash (on designated trails) • Bike (on designated trails) • Ride horses (on designated trails) YOU MAY NOT:

What do you like about Pennypack Park?

I have always loved Pennypack Park ever since I was a little kid. We used to walk through, stop at The falls, jump off and go under the falls. It was always a good time. We used to go down on... This is my go to park to walk the trails, and have picnics with my daughter.

What to do in Pennypack in the winter?

Pennypack Creek Trail(0.6 mi.) Level dirt footpath; may be muddy in the winter and following rains. Floodplain forest and conifer plantations. Pennypack Parkway(0.6 mi.) Level dirt footpath; may be muddy in the winter and following rain. Floodplain and upland forest, creek view, and ruins of colonial Mason’s Mill dam. Hiking Only Trails

Are Dogs Allowed on the Pennypack Trail?

Montgomery County’s Pennypack Trail, built on the unused Fox Chase-Newtown railroad bed, is level and surfaced with compacted limestone grit. Hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians are welcome on the trail, as are dogs on leashes.

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