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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pennypacker?

Pennypacker was later president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania and held positions of honor in various German and Netherlandish societies. As president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, he wrote extensively.

What is Pennypacker Country Club?

Pennypacker Country Club is a family-run swim and tennis club that has been operating for 56 years. It is on an old one of a kind, beautiful early 1800's farm property. The property also includes 9 tennis courts and a scenic picnic area adjacent to a small lake for fishing.

What did general Pennypacker do in the Civil War?

Uriah Galusha Pennypacker (June 1, 1841/1844 – October 1, 1916) was a Union general during the American Civil War. He may be the youngest person to hold the rank of brigadier general in the US Army; at the age of 20, he remains the only general too young to vote for the president who appointed him.

Who was Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker?

Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker (April 9, 1843 – September 2, 1916) was the 23rd Governor of Pennsylvania from 1903 to 1907. He also served Pennsylvania as a judge and wrote on aspects of Pennsylvania history.

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