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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permanent retainer better than a removable one?

Because teeth begin to shift naturally as we age, a permanent retainer typically offers better long-term results for teeth straightening than a removable one. You can't forget to put it in - it's already there! Temporary retainers get lost or are forgotten on trips, and often fail to get used as often as they should be.

How much does a permanent retainer cost?

A permanent, or bonded, retainer may cost from $150 to $500 to put in place or replace if lost or broken. The cost of the initial placement may be included in the overall cost of your braces. You don’t have to take it on and off, which makes it easier to keep your teeth in place after your braces come off.

Does getting a permanent retainer hurt?

So, despite it being called " permanent ," it is possible you may have to replace it at some point. And lastly, a permanent retainer can just become uncomfortable. It can rub against your tongue and be annoying. The biggest downside of a permanent retainer is the potential for bacteria and plaque buildup

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