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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission?

Generally you need to get permission if you quote, in total, more than 100 words from a published book. Less than 100 words is usually considered fair use for which you don’t have to have permission.

What is a synonym for permission?

Synonyms of permission. allowance, authorization, clearance, concurrence, consent, granting, green light, leave, license (or licence), sanction, sufferance, warrant.

What is full permission?

Alternatively referred to as rights and privileges , permissions are access details given by users or network administrators that define access rights to files on a network. For example, a person who works for a company's customer service department may be privileged to view a customer's information otherwise blocked to other employees.

What does "execute" permission mean on a folder?

Execute permission on files means the right to execute them, if they are programs. (Files that are not programs should not be given the execute permission.) For directories, execute permission allows you to enter the directory (i.e., cd into it), and to access any of its files.

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