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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate a permutation?

If you have a calculator handy, find the factorial setting and use that to calculate the number of permutations. ... If you have to solve by hand, remember that, for each factorial, you start with the main number given and then multiply it by the next smallest number, and so ... For example, you would calculate 10! ... In the example, you should get 720. ...

How do you evaluate the permutation?

To evaluate a permutation or combination, follow these steps: On the Home screen, enter n, the total number of items in the set. ... Press to access the Math Probability menu. Press [2] to evaluate a permutation or press [3] to evaluate a combination. Enter r, the number of items selected from the set, and press [ENTER] to display the result. ...

When do you use permutation or combination?

simply stating, combination is used for SELECTION from a particular group, while permutation involves SELECTION AND ARRANGEMENT in a particular order. For example, combination: picking 2 balls from 5. permutation: arranging 6 people from a group of 10 so that no 2 boys come together.

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