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Frequently Asked Questions

What does repspark mean for Peter Millar?

RepSpark will allow Peter Millar to stay on the cutting edge of giving our customers the very best online ordering experience. We’re very excited to launch this platform to our wholesale golf and retail customers.” “In today’s world, B2B ecommerce is a must.

Who is Peter Millar?

RepSpark and Peter Millar, a Partnership: RepSpark and Peter Millar have been partners since 2015. Peter Millar is widely known for having exemplary customer service and care, and the RepSpark Team is proud to be an extension of such a great company. That same dedication is shown through the working relationships we have with the team.

Who is repspark?

RepSpark and Peter Millar have been able to work closely together to provide the latest B2B sales tools and technology, and in return are leaders in the lifestyle and golf marketplace. RepSpark is honored to be able to highlight such an amazing team and company.

What is Peter Millar collection?

Merging what was formerly Peter Millar Collection and Crown Crafted, our reimagined line is designed to offer a fresh, comprehensive perspective on modern menswear, with a luxurious aesthetic that informs both elevated lifestyle apparel and sleek performance sportswear.

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