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Frequently Asked Questions

What is petite clothing size chart?

US Petite Clothing Size Chart Petite clothing is simply clothing proportioned for women 5'4'' (162 cm) and under. Petite clothing has reduced i.e. sleeve and torso length compared to regular sized clothing, to better fit smaller frames.

Does Nordstrom have petite sizes?

New! Short women, rejoice! Nordstrom has your dream wardrobe ready and waiting. Our petite clothing is offered in actual petite size ranges from 00 and XXS to 18+ and XXL+. We carry a huge selection of dresses you won't have to hem for work, weddings and everywhere in between.

How do I determine my US petite size?

Determine your US Petite size with our US Petite Clothing Size Chart. measurements in inches. For measurements in CM, see size chart in bottom of page. Sizes may vary slightly between brands and models. Determine your US Petite size with our UK Petite Clothing Size Chart.

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