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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays fees in guardianship petition?

The Petitioner in a Guardianship Petition is responsible for paying filing fees and costs at the outset of the suit. Under the Virginia Code, the Petitioner is responsible for paying the filing fee and costs of bringing the Guardhianship/Conservatorship Petition.

Can you get guardianship without going to court?

You cannot get guardianship without going to the court. In SOME states, including Michigan, there is a parental power of attorney form the parents can sign, delegating parental authority to someone else, for limited periods of time.

Do I need an attorney to petition the court for?

You can technically represent in any proceeding under the law. So the answer would be no, you do not need a lawyer to file a request for a final hearing. That is all the petition they refer to is really: a formal request of the court to either schedule something or decide on something. Just be sure that you get the "technicalities" right.

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