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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of petitioning the court?

To petition the court, you must obtain the appropriate form and request a court date or hearing. By filing the form, you are "petitioning" the court to hear the case. The word petition is used as a description of the process and only implies filing a form for a judge to review a case or make...

How do I file a petition for quiet title in Texas?

The petition for quiet title is a simple form. Complete the form petition for quiet title, noting that court papers, including a copy of the petition, is to be served upon the last known owner of record of the real estate in question. File the petition for quiet title with the clerk of the court.

What is a petition for transfer of property called?

(A petition of this nature in family court commonly is a called a motion and is filed in an existing divorce case.) If the transfer is needed because of the death of a property owner, the petition is filed in probate court.

How to file a petition in the Court of Common Pleas?

Every county has their own Court of Common Pleas. Take your petition to the court of the county that you live in. After filing your petition, you will be directed to a judge. You will have to appear before your county’s Court of Common Pleas judge.

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