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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a petition based visa?

About The Petition for a Visa. The petition is designed to demonstrate your petitioner's interest in helping you immigrate as well as prove your sponsor's right and ability to do so. For family members, this often means establishing that the relationship is legitimate (often through a birth certificate or other legal document).

How to withdraw a petition for visa or resident card?

The petitioner must provide written notice of his or her desire to withdraw the filed petition with the office, adjudicating the petition. It is further recommended for the petitioner to follow up whether the withdrawal was properly received.

How long do I have after K1 visa/petition approval?

So, the NVC normally receives and approves your petition (for K1 visa) quickly - usually 2 weeks. Sending the approved case files to the US Embassy in your fiance (e)'s country takes long. Expect this entire step to take 1 month. . . The foreign US Embassy receives the case and begins to process.

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