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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ideal protein Phase 4?

Ideal Protein’s Phase 4 is the maintenance or “life-plan” program. Phase 4 is a very simple maintenance plan that teaches you to enjoy the freedom of while maintaining your new shape! The maintenance phase is based on a few simple principles: Maintaining adequate protein without the Ideal Protein Foods.

What is Phase 4 depolarization?

Phase 4 is the spontaneous depolarization (pacemaker potential) that triggers the action potential once the membrane potential reaches threshold between -40 and -30 mV). Phase 0 is the depolarization phase of the action potential. This is followed by phase 3 repolarization.

What is 4 base 4?

Base 4. That is, the first digit tells you how many ones you have; the second tells you how many fours you have; the third tells you how many sixteens (that is, how many four-times-fours) you have; the fourth tells you how many sixty-fours (that is, how many four-times-four-times-fours) you have; and so on.

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