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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dictionary definition of phased?

Define phased. phased synonyms, phased pronunciation, phased translation, English dictionary definition of phased. n. 1. A distinct stage of development: "The American occupation of Japan fell into three successive phases" . 2. A temporary manner, attitude, or pattern of...

What is a phased deployment?

Phased deployments automate a coordinated, sequenced rollout of software across multiple collections. For example, deploy software to a pilot collection, and then automatically continue the rollout based on success criteria. Create phased deployments with the default of two phases, or manually configure multiple phases.

What is the definition of phase in education?

Definition of phase. 2 a : a distinguishable part in a course, development, or cycle the early phases of her career.

What happens when you change the phase of a phased array?

By changing the phase shifts the computer can instantly change the angle θ of the beam. Most phased arrays have two-dimensional arrays of antennas instead of the linear array shown here, and the beam can be steered in two dimensions. The velocity of the radio waves shown have been slowed down in this diagram.

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