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Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditional universities offer online PhD programs?

Traditional universities offer accredited online PhD programs ranging from healthcare to education to business to computer science. In virtually all cases, the academic requirements and length of PhD programs online are no different than the on-campus versions.

What is the curriculum of a counseling PhD program?

The curriculum of a counseling PhD program includes courses, labs, an internship, a practicum, research and a dissertation. Continue reading for information about coursework topics, including descriptions of some courses. Students enrolled in a PhD in counseling degree program examine current treatment approaches for various disorders and issues.

What are the best school counseling programs?

School Information. Four of the top schools of school counseling and guidance programs include Columbia University (an Ivy League school), as well as the University of Florida, the University of Wisconsin, and Boston College. All four offer specialized master's degrees in a relevant field of study.

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