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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a PhD make you a doctor or professor?

Technically, the first requirement for a person to become a professor is having a Ph.D. Once the person completes the doctorate successfully, he is known as a Doctor. However, in order to become a professor, this doctor has to dedicate his time to teaching at a university, and also he should be involved in research work.

What is the difference between a PhD and a doctorate?

The main difference between a PhD and a professional doctorate lies in their orientation – one has an academic focus, the other a professional one. A PhD is a doctoral degree with an academic focus. Students are involved heavily in research and in the creation and pursuit of new knowledge in their specific field.

Why are PhDs called Doctors?

A Ph.D., also called a doctorate, is a "Doctor of Philosophy" degree, which is a misleading moniker because most Ph.D. holders are not philosophers. The term for this increasingly popular degree derives from the original meaning of the word "philosophy," which comes from the ancient Greek word, philosophia, meaning "love of wisdom.".

Is it correct to call people with PhD doctors?

When someone has earned a Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D., degree, that person is subsequently referred to as "doctor" in formal speech. The same is true of a person who is a medical doctor, psychologist, dentist or veterinarian. In formal speech, that person should be referred to as "doctor."

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