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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job opportunities for a PhD in India?

Apart from the research, commerce Ph.D. courses in India open various job opportunities in the sectors such as banking, finance, consulting, management and others. Science Ph.D. courses in India have good potential to offer a wide verity of job opportunities mostly in multiple industries.

What is the scope of a PhD in India?

PhD Admission in India is available for full time and part time programmes in disciplines of arts, commerce science, engineering, humanities, management, law, medicine, IT and finance. The demand for a PhD Degree in India has increased in recent years as a result of these three factors: a) The need for higher specialization.

Which universities offer full-time PhD courses in India?

Apart from this, universities such as IGNOU and Delhi University (DU) also offer fellowships to students pursuing full time PhD courses with them. Some popular PhD programmes that candidates can pursue in different streams are listed below:

What is the admission procedure for PhD in India?

These institutes conduct their own entrance test for the Ph.D. admissions and also consider the GATE/ NET scores for the Ph.D. Admissions 2022. The admissions are carried out under various disciplines throughout various colleges and universities in India.

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