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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Philodendron imperial green leaves turning yellow?

Overwatering is the most common cause of yellow leaves on Philodendron Imperial Green. This will normally affect the lower leaves first. It can appear as yellow spots on the leaves, or the entire leaves may turn yellow and then die. Excess light, acclimation, and cold stress are other common causes of yellow leaves.

What is imperial red Philodendron?

The Philodendron “Imperial Red” cultivar was created to be manageable houseplants that don’t climb aggressively. Unlike climbing philodendrons, Imperial Red doesn’t have nodes and internodes to get cuttings from. For self-headers such as Philodendron “Imperial Red”, the methods are more complex and usually not feasible for home gardeners.

Is Philodendron imperial red toxic to pets?

The plant belongs to the Araceae family of aroids. Philodendron “Imperial Red” care is simply recreating a tropical environment providing warmth temperatures, bright shade, consistent moisture and humidity. Note that the plant is toxic to pets. 0.6.1 Is Philodendron “Imperial Red” toxic to pets? 0.6.2 Why does Philodendron “Imperial Red” turn red?

What is the ideal indoor temperature for Philodendron Imperial Green?

Normal indoor temperatures are perfect for Philodendron Imperial Green, and in fact, anywhere from 60-85°F (16-30°C) will be fine. Your plant will largely stop growing at the lower end of this range, so it’s best to keep the temperature up a little.

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