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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Philodendron ring of fire a good plant?

The Philodendron Ring of Fire plant is slightly pricey; however, the attractive features and positive energy make up considerably well for it. It usually grows out to be a very healthy-looking tropical plant that can climb walls and take up a decent amount of space for its roots.

How do you plant a ring of fire Philodendron?

Some varieties of the Philodendron Ring of Fire plant may need to be stored temporarily before being planted. If the same is your case, place it in a bucket filled with half an inch of water when it arrives. Add some mulch for support and nutrient supply, and place this bucket in a shady area till it grows a bit.

Why are philodendrons so popular?

Many Philodendrons are popular as ornamental plants for homes and offices. They are famous because they can neutralize some poisons usually found indoors. Philodendrons are native to the tropical areas of Central as well as South America. Ring of Fire philodendron is one of the most sought-after plants in the world.

Is ring of fire a good house plant?

Although all the Philodendrons are cherished for their eye-catching beauty, Ring of Fire has set its own standards among the house plants due to the variegated and unusual fiery-shaped leaves. With minimal caring and protecting it from pests and diseases, the plant has the ability to furnish your home with magnificent décor value.

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