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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a philodendron ring of fire?

In the Philodendron Ring of Fire variegated species, a popular plant is the Philodendron Ring of Fire Gold, also known as the Golden Ring of Fire. The plant grows yellow leaves fading to a neon green that looks spectacular. Furthermore, you can also find the Philodendron cream splash with heart-shaped leaves and also vines.

How big do ring of fire plants grow?

Ring of Fire can be cultivated indoors as your favorite houseplant, but to witness their maximum growth, they should be in their natural habitat or an adjusted tropical rainforest type of landscape. This plant can reach a height of one meter ( 100 cm ) and its leaves can reach 25 to 30.

Where to plant ring of fire plants?

Suppose you plan to plant your Ring of Fire outside the best-suited places, zones 9b to 11 is the right place for them to thrive. However, it is best to grow it on your patio and grow well in an eight-inch pot if you don’t have a shaded garden or a forest-like front or backyard.

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