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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a philosophy of life?

We need a philosophy of life to be able to do this and should have the aim of minimising suffering and gaining fulfilment . If we do this we may be able to live a meaningful life. In a progressively secular society, people may settle on the conclusion that life is meaningless. This is, in a sense, true, and completely understandable.

What is the basic philosophy of life?

These simple philosophies shape and guide my life Life is about solving problems, and every obstacle is the way forward. You are the author of your own life. Make improvements, not excuses. Self-care comes first. ... Life is short. ... Question your assumptions at all times. Effort matters more than skill or talent. It pays to create your own certainty. Commitment, resilience and perseverance will take you far.

What is your basic philosophy of life?

Philosophy of life is simply a grand term for how you believe you could live your best life. This vision should encapsulate the very essence of you as an individual, the principles you value above all, the reason you exist. And, equally important, it requires a practical plan for living this philosophy.

What does philosophy have taught me about life?

Philosophy uses the tools of logic and reason to analyze the ways in which humans experience the world. It teaches critical thinking, close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis; it uses these to understand the language we use to describe the world, and our place within it.

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