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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free online photo editor?

Unfortunately this rules out most mobile devices, and since its developer is currently working on HTML5 versions of other other software, it might give the superb Editor the chop before too long. For the time being, however, Pixlr Editor is easily the best free online photo editor.

How do I edit photos for free?

Editing in iPhoto Import your photo(s) to the program. Double-click on a photo to begin editing. Select the "Edit" button at the bottom of the screen. Rotate the photo if necessary. Crop the photo. Choose an effect. Make additional adjustments. Save your changes.

Can you download Pixlr?

Today, we’re quite happy to announce a brand-new app. Pixlr is now available as a downloadable app for Mac and PC. You can install it today at for Mac and Windows, or download directly from the Mac App Store. If you’re already a Pixlr Express user, you’ll notice some familiar details in Pixlr for Mac and PC.

What is the best computer for photo editing?

The new Picasa 3 Beta from Google is one of the best desktop editing tools you’ll need unless you need Photoshop like editing. Unlike the pervious version, you can now use it as a photo viewer. It opens the photos in an overlay on your desktop which makes it one of the best photo viewers available.

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