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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extend a class in PHP?

PHP will extend the class that you included with an include statement. For example, say that you have a class foo declared in file bar.php: include 'bar.php'; class Aardvark extends Foo { // this class will extend the class Foo in file bar.php }

What is the use of extends keyword in PHP?

The extends keyword is used to derive a class from another class. This is called inheritance. A derived class has all of the public and protected properties of the class that it is derived from. Read more about inheritance in our PHP OOP - Inheritance Tutorial.

How to add a new line in PHP?

PHP new line | How to add a new line in Php with different examples? Php provides the function nl2br () to create a new line for the string. This is the in-built function of the Php library, which is used to insert the line breaks in the string before all the newlines.

How to insert HTML line breaks in PHP?

You can do that by applying the PHP new line characters such as or within a source code. Please, take into consideration, that if you wish the line breaks to be visible inside the browser, as well, you have the option of using the nl2br () function. This function is capable of inserting HTML line breaks before the new line inside the string.

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