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Frequently Asked Questions

What are regular expressions in PHP?

In PHP, regular expressions are strings composed of delimiters, a pattern and optional modifiers. In the example above, / is the delimiter, w3schools is the pattern that is being searched for, and i is a modifier that makes the search case-insensitive.

How to replace a string with another string in Python?

$str = "The rain in SPAIN falls mainly on the plains."; The preg_replace () function will replace all of the matches of the pattern in a string with another string.

What is the difference between preg_replace() and Preg_replace_callback() in PHP?

When preg_replace() is called with the /e modifier, the interpreter must parse the replacement string into PHP code once for every replacement made, while preg_replace_callback() uses a function that only needs to be parsed once.

How to use $0 as a backreference in regex?

If you need to refer to the whole match from the string replacement pattern all you need is a $0 placeholder, also called replacemenf backreference. So, you want to wrap a match with some text and your regex is #\w+, then use Note you may combine $0 with $1, etc.

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