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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a string and a substring in PHP?

It is only supported on PHP 8 or higher versions. A substring is a string that needs to be searched whereas a string is a part where a substring is to be searched. Note: str_contains () is only supported in PHP 8 or higher versions. Example: In the below example, we have a sentence stored in $sentence and a word stored in $word.

How to check if a string contains a certain word?

You can apply the strpos () function for checking if a string contains a certain word. This function is capable of returning the position of the first occurrence of a substring inside a string. In the case of not detecting the substring, false is returned.

How to check if the given string contains a substring?

A string is a collection of given characters and a substring is a string present in a given string. In this article, we are going to check if the given string contains a substring by using the PHP strpos () function. sub_string : The substring searched in the original input string. False, If substring not found.

How to check if a string contains a dot?

What would be the most efficient way to check whether a string contains a "." or not? I know you can do this in many different ways like with regular expressions or loop through the string to see if it contains a dot ("."). Use the str_contains function. if (str_contains ($str, ".")) { echo 'Found it'; } else { echo 'Not found.'; }

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