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Frequently Asked Questions

What is phpinfo function in PHP?

The phpinfo function contains all relevant information about your server and its config. If you have direct access to your server via command line, you could also obtain the same information by using PHP's interactive shell. $ php -a Interactive shell php > phpinfo (); phpinfo command inside PHP interactive shell.

How do I get phpinfo from command line?

You can use nano, vim, or any command line or GUI text editor to create a new file. For easy identification, we’ll call it phpinfo.php, but you can name it anything you want. In this file, the only thing we need to do is call upon the phpinfo function, which can be done with the following line of code.

What is info_all in phpinfo?

phpinfo ( int $flags = INFO_ALL ) : bool. Outputs a large amount of information about the current state of PHP. This includes information about PHP compilation options and extensions, the PHP version, server information and environment (if compiled as a module), the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, ...

How to disable phpinfo?

If you don’t want your phpinfo page to be displayed all the time, you can easily disable the file by giving it a different name. phpinfo.php_disabled, for instance. There you have it! By finishing this tutorial, you’ve learned how to create a phpinfo.php file and how to check PHP information via your hosting control panel or your default browser.

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