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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest score in a college football game?

The highest scoring college football game was played on October 7, 1916 between Georgia Tech and Cumberland College, with Georgia Tech winning with a score of 222-0.

How many minutes are in a college football game?

A college or professional football game is 60 minutes long, and is divided into 15-minute quarters. In some high schools, the quarters are 12 minutes long, and games for younger children are often shorter still.

What are parlays in sports betting?

A parlay is a single sports wager that involves two or more bets combined into one . This can include point spreads, moneylines, totals, futures, or even prop bets, as long as the bets are on different games. The allure of these bets has always been a larger payout than choosing a single team to win.

What is a betting consensus?

The betting consensus is a breakdown of all the bets on an event expressed in a percentage form to show which team has more action. For example, if 100 bettors place a bet on a match, and 60 bets are on Team A and 40 bets are on Team B, the consensus report will read Team A 60% - Team B 40%.

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