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Frequently Asked Questions

How many picks should I include in my NHL parlay ticket?

You can include as many picks as you wish in your parlay ticket. But while the payout will be higher when you have more picks, the odds of you winning won’t be as strong. SportsTips can assist you in figuring out the best NHL picks and parlays for a day’s action.

What is a parlay pick in sports betting?

Parlay picks are considered degenerate bets usually placed by football fans. Parlaying NBA games often is a sucker bet and done without getting good prices or the best of key numbers. Hockey parlays are perhaps the easiest to gain an advantage.

What are the different types of NHL picks?

NHL Picks & Parlays Explained NHL picks can come from a variety of different places and depending on your betting system, one type or another may be more beneficial to you. Normally, these picks can be broken down into three categories, computer picks, expert picks and consensus picks.

How do our NHL playoff picks work?

Our NHL picks include not only who we feel will win, but also a score projection and what specific things have the best chance of happening during the game. We’ll provide enough NHL expert picks to help you plan the best parlays. You can also find NHL playoff picks through SportsTips.

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