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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there protein in broccoli rabe?

Broccoli's Nutrient Profile. In addition to the protein, 1 cup of chopped, raw broccoli yields the following nutrients: Protein: 2.57g. Fiber: 2.4g. Calcium: 43mg. Iron: 0.66mg. Magnesium: 19mg.

Is broccoli part of the cabbage family?

Broccoli is actually part of the cabbage family and its name comes from the Italian word "broccolo", the flowering top of the cabbage plant.

Where does broccoli rabe grow?

A staple of the early spring Italian American garden is rapini, also called rapa, cima di rapa, broccoletti, broccoli rabe, broccoli raab, even friarielli in and around Naples. It is popular in Italy, especially in southern Italy where dozens of varieties are grown.

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